Frequently asked questions

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A UGIG is an opportunity to participate in research studies approved and posted on the UGIG Research website. Compensation is commonly offered to participants for their time and effort in contributing to research. After a participant fills out their Profile Packs, administrators will use that information to match them to a qualifying UGIG.
Every UGIG will be different. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire, participate in a game, complete a short test, do a group assignment, or give your opinion on a specific topic.
After you have filled out your Profile Packs, we will match you with available UGIGs. When we find a match, you will be notified via text or email. You then have the option to accept or decline the opportunity. If you accept, you will be prompted to visit our website to choose a time (timeslot) to participate. The researcher will then confirm your timeslot, and you will be all set to participate. You can also sign up for a UGIG by going to the Explore page and clicking on a UGIG.
No opportunity approved and posted by UGIG Research is designed to cause participants stress or harm. Each study is vetted by UGIG admins before being approved and posted on our platform.
Yes, but a researcher will only approve you for one of these time slots. Once you register for a UGIG, a researcher will manually approve you and you will then be automatically enrolled in the study.
You must be 18 years or older to create an account and participate in a UGIG.

Security and Privacy

The data you will be asked to provide in your profile pack will be information unique to you, which may benefit researchers in their fields of study. These questions may relate to your favorite sports team, experience during Covid-19, or ethnic background. Any information which you feel uncomfortable sharing can be omitted.
The information you record in your Data Wallet will be used by UGIG to match you with specific opportunities. However, only UGIG admins will have access to that information and it will not be sold or distributed in any way without your direct and explicit consent.
No, UGIG does not sell your information. Rather we use the information in your Data Wallet to help match you with UGIGs.

For Researchers

Paste this link into your web browser for a tutorial on how to recruit on UGIG: